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Pay or Donate to support our Festival

You must book (incl free events or you have a 'pass') so we can monitor numbers and venue capacity. By booking events or workshops at the festival you have will have set up an 'order tab' with us. We do not issue tickets. You may change your bookings. You may also settle what is 'owing' at any time including any donations you may chose to make towards free online readings (see below on how to pay). We will remind you when we confirm a week before any online workshop or any venue workshop /event prior to sending out any links if using Zoom or Livestreaming. Once you have donated we do not allow refunds but you may swop for another if space is available. See below for refund policy.

How to pay:

By Online Banking to Poetry in Aldeburgh, 20-98-07, A/C 73048284 (put booking last name in reference)

By Cheque payable to Poetry in Aldeburgh (address on website footer)

Secure Online Payment by Card - see below

In extremis we accept payment at the venue reception desk 

NB if you are making a sizeable donation which may be eligible for gift aid contact us direct (see below) 


How to determine what to pay? 

£20 per workshop, £10 per venue event or talk (2 are free). If you have booked more than 6 venue events our 'Weekend  Pass' will apply a limit of £60. We offer online reading events for free or 'donate what you can basis'. We suggest a donation of £5 per online event.  We may also ask for a donation for a livestream pass.

To use the Shopping cart calculator below 

Example 1: To pay £35 to cover 3 online event 'donations' and 1 Workshop 'donation'.

  • add 3x£5 amounts  and 1x£20 amount for 15+20=35 in your cart

Example 2: To pay £60 to cover 6 or more events  ( a "Weekend Pass" )

  • To pay £60 to cover a Weekend Pass, add 2 £25 'donations' and 1 £10 'donation for 50+10=60 in your cart


To checkout select the cart icon and enter details.

*Refund Policy: With paid-for tickets we do not give refunds if the event or workshop goes ahead. We do understand plans change so contact us directly at if you wish to switch.

For more information: 

Please contact: Robin or Anna


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