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Can the writing of poetry be taught? Well, it certainly seems so! The Poetry School celebrates its 20th birthday in 2018. From its earliest days, it's been a place where poets learn from each other, where they find ways into poetry with the help of a supportive community of fellow writers.

Tamar Yoseloff

Tamar Yoseloff (whose latest collection is A Formula for Night, Seren 2015) is a longstanding tutor at the Poetry School. Yoseloff and she'll be reading on Saturday 5 November at 4pm in The Jubilee Hall. At this Poetry School event, she'll also introduce readings by two of her former students, Sandra Galton and Anna-May Laugher who have gone to find their own publishing success.

Tamar Yoseloff talks here about her teaching and lets us in on what we might expect from her former students:

"In my role as a tutor for the Poetry School, I’m very privileged to be able to play talent scout. It’s always an exciting moment to see a poem from a new writer, and to recognise that essential but hard-to-categorise ‘spark’: a flair for imagery, a novel use of language, a wild imagination, a talent with form.

I’m thrilled to be reading at Poetry in Aldeburgh with Anna-May Laugher and Sandra Galton, two poets I have worked with over many years, and who have both developed strong individual styles. Anna-May is a ventriloquist, adept at creating multiple characters, and I love the spare music in her poems. Sandra is one of the most inventive formalists I know, moving freely between sonnets and speculars, never losing the freshness and natural cadence of her voice. Neither has yet to publish a collection, but I have no doubt these are two names we’ll be hearing more of in the future."

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