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4 Letterpress Poets, 4 Journeys: Mary Devlin Powell, Caroline Hammond, Mark Huband, Katy Mack

Four current members of Letterpress Poets will read in the Jubilee Hall on Saturday 5 November, 10am - 11am

Letterpress Poets was established following a Faber Academy course in 2012. The group meets monthly at the Southbank Centre, London. Members of the group come and go in the knowledge that there is always a chair and a welcome for them and their poems. Their aim is “a soft landing for the poet and tough love for the poem.”

The Letterpress Poets Anthology, edited by Camillia Reeve, was published in 2015 by Palewell Press and reviewed by Daljit Nagra who said, "These poets offer a newness of approach and a freshness of attitude ... I hope you enjoy this anthology as much as I did!"

The group includes a number of award-winning poets, a couple of publishers and editors. Many have been published in magazines, many have pamphlets and poetry collections, all are regular readers, around the UK, including at The Troubadour, The Poetry Café and Bang Said the Gun.

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