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Creative Pathways between Art and Poetry

Creative Pathways between Art and Poetry: Colchester ‘Mosaic’ Stanza Group: Saturday 5 November, 2.30-3.30pm,

Peter Pears Gallery, tickets are free but you need to book

A large number of poets from the Colchester ‘Mosaic’ Stanza group recently collaborated with talented local artists on this exciting project, which brings together art and poetry for mutual inspiration. Each poet supplied one of their own poems, and each artist provided a piece of original artwork. The challenge was then an “ekphrastic” one – to use the supplied piece as a springboard for a new poem or art piece. This event will showcase six pairs of collaborators, who will talk through their working-process, and how each was inspired by the other’s work. The final artwork will be revealed on slides, and the poets will read the accompanying poems. A great chance to find out about different collaborative working processes, and to see a range of beautiful paintings, mixed media and sculpture.

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