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HERRINGS - an anthology of Poetry In Aldeburgh

We want to create a permanent record of the first Poetry In Aldeburgh festival. The spirit of the 2016 gathering is collaboration and participation and so we invite you to submit a poem for our proposed anthology, Herrings, which aims to reflect and record that spirit.

Submission will be open to all poets who perform at or attend Poetry In Aldeburgh, 2016. Herrings will be a record of 4,5,6 November, 2016 when the poetry tribe came to the Suffolk seaside in the manner of a shoal of fish, of a collection of people giving time and making the effort, of sharing an experience.

The title reflects the historic relationship that Aldeburgh had with the large schools of herrings which were caught and salted to provide income and livelihoods for local fisherman and the gansey-knitting, salting women who travelled along the coast of the East Anglian North Sea every autumn.

Herrings will be edited by Poetry In Aldeburgh’s curator, Daphne Astor, and published by Blue Door Press, in the spring of 2017

Watch this space for full details on how to submit.

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