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The Poetry School is coming to Aldeburgh!

And they are pretty excited about it - here's a message from the Poetry School team: Wayfinders: And we’re putting on a reading. Wayfinders, a Poetry School event at the Poetry in Aldeburgh Festival, is an example of the Poetry School in action. Tamar Yoseloff, author of A Formula for Night (Seren, 2015) and a longstanding tutor of the school, will read from her own work, before introducing two former students, Sandra Galton and Anna-May Laugher, who have both gone on to find publishing success of their own. The event will be a showcase of the continuing positive effects of mentoring, community, and life-long learning in poetry – a showcase of what we do at the Poetry School! Tickets to the event can be purchased for just £10. Come find us: It’s not just Tammy who’ll be at the festival representing the Poetry School: our poet-in-residence Ben Rogers will be spending the weekend writing, meeting people, and giving out tips and prompts, while the staff team will be occupying a stall in The Garage, underneath the Peter Pears Gallery, and generally milling about – so come say hi, pick up a programme, buy a bag, have a miniature hero. Instant Poetry Competition: for those of you who get to a poetry festival and are overwhelmed with inspiration for your own new poems – we have an outlet for you. We’ll be running an instant poetry competition during the festival weekend. The announcement of the theme and the launch of ‘Pronto Comp’ will take place after the first event in the Jubilee Hall on Friday night, and you’ll have till late Sunday morning to hand your entries in to the Poetry School stand in The Garage.

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