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Podcasts from our 2019 Festival

Will Harris: On narrative in poetry, Sunday 10 November 2019,
8.30-9.30am, Pears Gallery

Release from the dream: on Tony Hoagland. Kathryn Maris
with Peter Sansom, Martin Shaw and Josh Weiner discuss the
work of the late American poet, Sunday 10 November 2019,
2.30-3.30pm, Jubilee Hall

Maggi Hambling & Martin Shaw: The renowned artist explores
poetry in narrative and narrative in poetry with the teacher-
troubadour- mythologist, Saturday 9 November 2019, 4-5pm,
Jubilee Hall

Three American Poets: Readings by Gregory Pardlo, Josh
Weiner and Carmen Bugan, Saturday 9 November 2019,

7-8pm, Jubilee Hall

Poetry of Witness: Dictatorship, Ecology, Terrorism. Will
Harris talks to Carmen Bugan, Sean Hewitt & Richard Osmond
about alternative ways of writing on difficult subjects. Sunday
10 November 2019, 11.30-12.30pm, Jubilee Hall

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